UG since 1955

PG since 1982

Courses offered:  B.Sc (Three Years 6 semesters from -2023) and 

                    M.Sc in Zoology (Two years, four Semester System)

Course outcome             

B.Sc(Biology) - The course contents are designed to provide exposure to the core subjects and equip the students for higher education.

M.Sc (Zoology) - The course provides knowledge related to Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Structure & Function in Invertebrates, Biological Chemistry, Immunology and Physiology, Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics, Techniques in Biology, Evolution, Statistical methods and Computer Application in Biology,

Program outcome         

B.Sc(Biology) The programme helps in the understanding of fundamental concepts, theories, practical applications and objective conclusions.

M.Sc (Zoology)- Detailed account of Chordata, origin and evolution, Developmental biology, Animal ecology and Ethology. There is a wide spectrum of job opportunities like being a College and School teacher, Zoologist, Research Scientist, Conservationist, Environmental consultant, Herpetologist, Wildlife educator, Agriculture, Sericulture, Forestry, Genomics, Fishery etc.

Program Specific outcome         

B.Sc(Biology)-The insistence is on skills in the laboratory, competence, understanding of phenomenon, sustainable development areas, and interdisciplinary areas of science courses

M.Sc (Zoology) Specific Programmes offered include Cell Biology dealing with cell types, membrane structure, Structural organization, cell division cell cycle, cancer, cell and tissue culture, fixation and staining, immune system; Environmental biology which incorporates study related to earth and biosphere, environmental physiology, ecosystems, Taiga and Tundra, major biogeographic regions, management of environment, resources, environmental health, legislation, environmental toxicology, methodology for environmental analysis; Entomology which deals with the study of insects, insect fossils, evolution, classification, functional organization, insect embryology, pests, management strategies, beneficial insects, vectors of diseases, ecology and social life in insects

Intake:  UG -  3 Sections (264 Seats for session 2022-23)

          PG - 30 Government seats and 10 SFS seats, total 40 seats

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