Code of Conduct for Students and all categories of Employees




Govt. Lohia College has formulated a Code of Conduct for the overall development of students, teachers and other employees, and the institution as a whole to create an effective teaching–learning atmosphere. It promotes the professional ethics and academic integrity. The reputation of an institution depends on the academic performance as well as on behavior of the students. Our Motto is to emerge as a Centre of Academic Excellence in creating and disseminating knowledge. Our aim is to provide students a unique learning experience in education in the light of Seth Kanhaiya Lal Lohia’s vision, the founder of the college. Our goal is to provide the students a holistic and academic environment development, nurture them for a successful career as well as to contribute to the betterment of the society.

The purpose of this code of conduct is to make the students and teachers imbibe the rules and regulations of the institution and to step forward to achieve the mission, vision and goal of the institution.




  1. Plan to arrive in class at right time and to stay for the all teaching periods. Students who will fail to get 75% attendance will not be allowed to appear in annual examinations.
  2. Every admitted student must wear the identity card with photo whenever he/she is in the college campus and present it for inspection on demand.
  3. Students shall respect all the staff members and the fellow students in the campus.
  4. Students should show respect towards National Flag, National Anthem and all the National Symbols.
  5. Students should exhibit and promote patriotism, nationalism, social harmony and fellow feelings.
  6. Ragging is strictly banned in the campus. Anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abetting ragging is liable to be punished as per the directives of the UGC and the State Government.
  7. The institute prohibits political activities in the campus and forbids students from conducting and attending political meetings within the college campus.
  8. Students shall wear neat, clean sober clothes in the campus.
  9. Students are expected to spend their free time in the reading room or library. Strict silence must be observed in reading room and Library.
  10. There is a common room for girls in the college. If the girls are present in the common room, they should maintain the expected discipline.
  11. All the students should maintain the discipline and obey the instructions given by higher authority time to time. Any student found guilty of doing unwanted activity in the campus shall be punished with disciplinary action.
  12. Students should not loiter along the corridor or crowd along the passages of the college campus.
  13. Keep your cell phones in the silent mode or switched off in the college campus.
  14. Internet/Wi-Fi facility available in the campus is to be used for academic purposes only.
  15. Noise making and other disruptive activities are not allowed while classes are running.
  16. Food and beverages are not allowed in corridor, reading room, library, labs or classrooms.
  17. Use dustbins to drop useless papers and other articles
  18. Smoking, chewing of tobacco and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  19. Be polite, courteous and respectful towards others.
  20. If the teacher is absent, the class representative should inform the Head of the Department or the Principal for the alternative arrangements.
  21. No Society or Association shall be formed in the Institution and no person will be invited to address a meeting without the prior permission of the Principal.
  22. No student shall collect any money or contribution for picnic, trip, tour, get-together or any other activity without prior permission of the Head of the Department or the Principal.
  23. No student will be allowed to take active part in current politics.
  24. No student shall communicate any information and write anything to the press or any agency about the matters concerned to the administration of the institution.
  25. Students are expected to take proper care of institute’s property and help the authorities in keeping the premises neat and clean.
  26. Damaging institute’s property e.g. disfiguring walls, doors, fittings or breaking furniture, misuse of fittings, or breaking furniture, misuse of water etc., is breach of discipline, and the guilty will be duly punished.
  27. Students should switch off lights and fans whenever they are not required or before leaving the class room.
  28. Students should not leave their books, valuables and other belongings anywhere in the campus.
  29. Insubordination and unbecoming language or any kind of misconduct on the part of a student is sufficient reason for his/her rustication from the college.
  30. All activities in the institution are to be organized under the guidance and supervision of the Principal and the Professor In-Charge.
  31. Students found the using unfair means in the examinations will not be re-admitted to the Institution. Actions will be initiated against such students as per the norms and procedure prescribed by the university and state government.
  32. It is the responsibility of the students to read the notice boards regularly for important announcements made by the college office from time to time. They will not be excused or given any concession on the ground of ignorance or not reading notices on the notice board.
  33. Limited parking space is provided for students. It can be utilized on first come first basis.
  34. Students must ride/drive their vehicles into the campus at a moderate speed only. Speeding will be looked upon as an act of indiscipline and can attract adverse consequences.
  35. Students joining the Institution are bound by the rules and regulations of the Institution.
  36. Matters not covered by the existing rules will rest at the absolute discretion of the Principal.
  37. The Principal is the ultimate disciplinary and regulatory authority in the institution.




  1. Every employee shall, at all times, maintain professional integrity, be devoted to duty and also be honest and impartial in his/her official dealings.
  2. An employee shall, at all times, be well-mannered in his/her dealings with the college administration, with other members of staff.
  3. Every employee will work within the frame-work of organizational structure and hierarchy with policies and directions as may be given by the college administration from time to time apart from teaching and other assignments.
  4. Employees should strictly follow the schedule of working hours in the institution. But if required, they shall stay beyond working hours for some definite purposes.
  5. Every employee is a whole-time employee of the Government and may be called upon to perform some duties as may be assigned to him/her by the competent authority beyond the scheduled working hours and on holidays and Sundays.
  6.  Every employee shall be punctual and fully dedicated to his/her duty.
  7. No employee shall be absent from duty without the prior permission of the competent authority, the Principal.
  8. Employees, especially teaching faculty, are expected to improve their knowledge base through continuous learning, execution of industry projects and conduct of seminar, workshop etc.
  9. No employee shall take part in active politics, or be associated with any political party.
  10. An employee, against whom criminal proceedings are initiated in a court of law, shall immediately inform the office regarding the details thereof.
  11. No employee shall, except with the prior sanction of the competent authority, have recourse to any court of law or to the press/ media for/against any official act of the Institution.
  12. Smoking, chewing of tobacco and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  13. Whenever any employee wishes to put forth any claim or seeks redressal of any grievance, he/she must forward his/her case through the proper channel to the competent authority only.
  14. Every employee shall abide by these rules, and shall be liable for consequences in the event of any breach of the rules by him/her.
  15. An employee who commits any offence or dereliction of duty, or does an act detrimental to the interests of the institution, will be subjected to an enquiry and punishment by the competent authority.
  16. The institution gives utmost priority to discipline and every employee is bound to follow the rules and regulations of the Government of Rajasthan and maintain strict discipline.
  17. The institution takes a serious note of misbehavior, insubordination, habitual tardiness, irregular work habits or obscenity which is punishable as per the rules of state government.
  18. Be on time for your assignments.
  19. Respect the mission and goals of the institution and help to achieve them.
  20. Employees shall follow the directions and instructions properly given by the Principal.
  21. Keep your cell phones in the silent mode in the campus.
  22. Use Internet in labs and classrooms only for the academic purpose. Internet/Wi-Fi facility available in the campus is to be used for academic purposes only.
  23. The parking space is limited. It can be utilized on first come first basis.
  24. Maintain proper etiquettes required in an academic institution.